Sunday , May 9 2021

Darty is modernizing the trust deal

Darcy is new to the old. On all points. The sign of the electrician puts his "trust agreement". The 3 to 5 year warranty extension was born in 1973. It covers devices that are beyond two years of legal protection. The formula, which costs tens of euros and varies by device, inflates the distributor's margins. The "new contract of trust" is part of the subscription, with a service called Darth Max starting October 25th.

The client pays 9.99 euros per month. Its main appliances (washing machine, dishwasher, oven, refrigerator …) are included as long as the subscription lasts. It is repaired until spare parts are exhausted and then replaced within fifteen years after purchase. Darth allows inclusion in the warranty of devices not purchased at home in exchange for a 59 euro registration fee. The amount is not debited until the product succeeds. " The service will allow customers to store their main appliances for up to 15 years ", sums up the product and service sales manager, Vincent Gufflet.

"Sustainable Choice"

The launch of Darty Max is part of the Fnac Darty Group's product sustainability strategy.

The company plans to adopt repair standards. She is pushing the advantage that Darth's after-sales service offers him. Red and white vans generate 2.5 million jobs each year.

Since October 4, the group has been offering a "sustainable choice" offer. It covers 39 products in 22 categories of home appliances that have spare parts for at least ten years and have a low failure rate. Schnack Dart recalls that, according to Adem, the production phase represents up to 80% of the total environmental impact of a product over its lifetime.

The launch of Darty Max will be accompanied by the hiring of 300 repair technicians in three years.

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