Saturday , September 26 2020

Cyril Januna furious with Karin Le Marchand's message: "It's free, it's nasty, so we turn all programs to its excuses."


Cyril Januna did not appreciate Karin Le Marchand's criticism of two of her columnists on Instagram this afternoon. And the answer didn't wait until this afternoon. The host of the F8 star even announced that now, the host will not be invited to the show. Tonight at TPMT, Kiril Januna announced:

"Honestly, it's free, it's nasty and we just give her opinion, if she supports us she just needs to stay home, and there are people who don't dare tell me things then they attack the chroniclers then, I want say something tonight When you criticize the chroniclers and you attack me, and I'll always be on their side to defend them. I hope she comes back, she'll apologize, she should be nervous, but for now, she's blacklisted all shows until he apologizes. "

Early in the afternoon, Karin Le Marchand posted a new post on her Instagram account. The M6's "Love in the Meadow" animator decided to launch a violent attack on two columnists on "Don't Touch My Post." On the social network the host posted a quote from Umberto Eco: "The social networks gave the right to speak in front of legions of imbeciles who only spoke at the bar before, after a glass of wine and did no harm to the community; they were immediately silenced, but today they are silenced have the same right to speak as the Nobel Prize: it is an invasion of idiots "," can we read with a cliche where users can see Matthew Delorme and Kelly Vedoveli.

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