Tuesday , March 31 2020
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Cortana: Microsoft throws in the towel for its iOS and Android apps

Cortana is finished as iOS and Android apps, Microsoft plans to remove them from the App Store and Google Play on January 31, 2020. Assistant, in this independent form, has never been launched in France, these applications exist in the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Australia, Mexico, Spain, China, Canada and Canada. India.

In the technical sheet and statement to ThresholdMicrosoft explains that it intends to continue to use its wizard on multiple platforms and to emphasize its presence in the applications that make up Office 365.

For example, in the United States, the Outlook update for iOS brought a mail and calendars read event from Cortana.

The wizard has never found its place among those of Amazon, Apple and Google, so it repositioned itself as a smart voice service that complements Microsoft's use of apps.

It's hard to imagine anywhere else than in a second role. In the absence of Microsoft's mobile operating system, Cortana has no basis in benefiting from Siri, Google or Alexa through a myriad of related products. Devices that these assistants can additionally enjoy integrating into their respective systems denied Cortana's refusal.

Windows 10 is still dominant in its market, but the use of wizards is more common and natural to ultra-mobile products now in billions. They are no longer computers that create and define new uses, at best they try to follow.

In January, Satya Nadella formalized this new role for Cortana, stopping to consider her a direct competitor to Alexa or Google Assistant and, on the contrary, to strive for collaboration between these assistants. It's already done with Amazon, but not with Google.

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