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computer errors are blocking payment for thousands of homes

Some had to separate from theirs The "unit"others took out loans to fill their bank overdrafts: a Bugs computer, thousands of families no longer receive months of financial assistance provided by CAF to pay for the care of their children.

"Situation is ugly and managed catastrophically", condemns a collective that includes nearly a hundred families. According to him, the problem could concern or concern about 21,000 cases. Administration, for its part, is evolving "Several thousand" of files.

"Many thousands" of families

At the root of this situation, a reform that is supposed to simplify childcare at home or by a child, referring to free choice of care (CMG), a monthly allowance of approximately 89 to 469 euros to partially offset the costs of care. As of May, this CMG is no longer paid to families by the Family Benefit Fund (CAF), but by PayPol, a service provided by Ursaf.

Past change "Without any difficulty for the vast majority" about 800,000 households in the affair, according to Jan-Gael Amgar, director of the Central Agency for Social Security Organizations (Acos), Ursaf's national fund.

However "Computer anomalies in data exchange between CAF and Pajemploi" penalize certain users, he admits. As a result, some families no longer receive their CMG or can no longer report online for hours they work. The "unit"or the amount of social security contributions related to their maternal assistant's salary, while these amounts are generally covered by the CAF.

Forced to release the nanny

For Gwannal Leurin, who lives in the Toulouse region, the computer error had consequences 'Disastrous'. Deprived of her allowance of € 467 per month (for € 650 at the expense of security guards), she quickly found herself in bank overdraft.

Unable to access the online reporting service, she decided to pay in a few months The "unit" to her son, then to finally dismiss her and leave her job alone with her child.

"I don't know whom to turn to"said this mother 'Very angry'. KA paid him a few 'Progress' partly to make up for the mistake, but "About € 1,000 still missing"she complains.

For Jeremy, a family man from Evelyn, the slate reaches € 3,300. "I'm the CEO of the company, so not the most to complain about. But I had to give up summer vacation because of that. "he explains.

"It is not up to the families to pay the price" reform "Poorly prepared or expected" and a "Unjustified administrative emblem", condemns the Collective Families in the struggle they claim "Regulating all Christmas files to spend quiet holidays", and 'Apology'.

Employees of the Pamepoli Allies

Last week the director of Acos acknowledged to the AFP that this anomaly "It shouldn't have happened". on "Number of Errors" they are already upright, Mr Amgar added, without setting a date for return to normal.

On Monday, the Fighting Families group must have first contact by phone "Two Directors of Acos and Schnaf"he said in a statement Friday.

Meanwhile, the Poyemboli-based CGT staff of the service, based in South Loire, announced in a statement its "Support" angry parents. These employees "Suffers every day from the failure of this reform" because they are "The first interlocutors of desperate parents"says the union.

The situation is also of concern to child teachers. "We have about a dozen calls a week from colleagues worried about losing their jobs or parents no longer reporting", testifies Veronique Delaitre, assistant nursery staff at the HO. "Children should not be held hostage to all this"she adds.

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Child Care Costs: Computer Errors Block Thousands of

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