Saturday , September 19 2020

Computer attack at Rouen University Hospital: an open investigation


The Paris-based cybercrime prosecution has opened an organized gang hacking investigation and attempted extortion on Saturday.

By Martin Untersinger Posted today at 12h55, updated at 13h04

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Following a cyberattack that seriously disrupted the operation of the University Hospital Center (RU) in Rouen on Friday, November 15, the Paris prosecutor's office opened an investigation, the latter announced. the world, Monday, November 18.

The cybercrime division launched this investigation on Saturday into a hacker targeting an organized gang in a state-run computer system, as well as extortion and attempted extortion. The investigation is entrusted to the national police's specialized computer crime unit and to Rouen's regional forensic police department (SRPC).

The division specializing in the fight against cybercrime prosecutor in Paris has national jurisdiction over the matter, no matter where the facts occur.

Probably a ransom

The fact that the probe is open to extortion suggests that the probe is being targeted by a ransom attack – a virus that makes data and computer systems inaccessible before returning to unlock them.

The PI operation was seriously disrupted by this attack Friday night, which required shutting down the entire computer system. The organization had to do so "Go back to the good old way of paper and pencil"said at the France Press Agency on Saturday, Remy Jam, director of communications at the PI. " This has resulted in very long delays in care, even if there is no danger to the health of hospitalized patients. "

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