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Classification ES14 Rally Monza 2020

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At the beginning of this last day, Sebastian Ogier was in the lead, 17s8 ahead of Dani Sordo and 22 hundredths ahead of Ot Tinak.


For this third passage in this special, we will find 100% asphalt.

Tire choices for this time: Ogier / Lapi with 4 rains, Evans / Katsuta with 4 snow, Rowanperä / Sordo with 4 snow and 1 rain, Tjnak with 5 rains.


In a fake duel for second place, Ot Tinak, which started with rain tires, quite clearly overtook Dani Sordo, with snow tires. Among the WRC drivers, no one really gave everything, a scratch went to Sebastian Ogier when he admitted that he did not attack, but simply made good use of the advantage of the tires.

With the same rise as the French, Esapeka Lapi missed her special and is now almost half a minute off the podium and potentially threatened by Calais Rowanper.

In WRC-2, Mads Ostberg is undisputed at this time and emphasizes his lead against Pontus Tiedemand. The Norwegian driver goes to the title in this category. After appearing late this morning due to a technical problem, Adrien Furmo performed perfectly with the sixth scratching time, the first of the R5.

Dominated yesterday by Oliver Solberg, Andreas Mikkelsen rectifies the situation this morning against the young Swede and widens the gap at the top of WRC-3.


T. Katsuta
5: 42.0
“Trust is growing and I am very familiar with this step. I made a few mistakes so I could be much faster. The next special will be much more complicated, we will have to be careful and try to reach the goal. “
5: 33.8
“” The goal is to be a little faster and safer at the same time. We have to finish the day, but I feel good. “
5: 48.9
“It was pretty good, it’s nice to drive without rain. “
Oh today
5: 35.6
“We have to finish the day, that’s all we have to do. There are two more phases left. “
D. Sordo
5: 42.6
“I tried to make a clean phase and not take risks. We have two more complicated stages ahead of us. The goal is not to make any mistakes and get maximum points for Hyundai. “
5: 32.2
“I did not really attack, but the tires made a big difference this morning. It was raining, but it did not rain. “
M. Ostberg “I am happy that there are only two phases left. Today I take it specially and I have to be on target. I’m a little nervous! “

NEXT SPECIAL : ES15- Seraglio 1 (Live TV) (14 km) from 10:08 AM (Sunday, December 6, 2020)

Classification SS14 / After SS14 (10.31 km)

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