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Civil aviation is part of these soups on a "airline" launched by Cyril Hanouna

The General Civil Aviation Direction (DGAC) partially closed on 27 September, with all these measures quantifying the realization of Skyline Airways' public activity, which is similar to airline communication and does not include Cyril Hanouna a fait la promotion in son emission. The DGAC is responsible for the Repression of frauds (DGCCRF), a response that is responsive to the AFF.

In the 28 years since, the civil aviation has informed the gendarmerie of the transports of these societies, which "n'est pas a compagnie aérienne française". The original DGAC carrier is provided by a communication agency that has a contract with Skyline Airways and which has no fixed connection to the airline.

Cyril Hanouna is the best singer on Sunday, September 21 on Twitter, from the billboards of this company. "for a magnificent magnet in Greece to the public". Launcher of "Touch to Post" on the C8 is out "a great deal to nail down Skyline Airways. A compact airline with ouf prix for kiffer". Plus people who are unaware of the suite interrogated about the realities of this social activity, presenting themselves as being based in Ireland and affirming the disposition of an MD82 aircraft.

The internet site de la société is not in operation plus near-midi credentials "maintenance en cours". The production community of Cyril Hanouna, H2O, is set to expire on September 27 ".very attentive to this situation " and souligné that all avocats avient is charging fair "toutes les verifications".

Post a message on Twitter, posted by one of these affirmed avoir "Convert Sky Gars to Skyline Airways Lundi" in the quotation mark, "to prevent all explications on this histoire". The partnership concluded with Skyline Airways provided the marque with an advantage over the billet gratuits. The spectators on which the voids in the cadaver are partially disassembled are to arrive, a-t on chez H2O. The Audiovisual Supervisor Consolidation (CSA) is here.

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