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Canceled guests, canceled shows … Polanski embarrasses French cinema

In full promotion of his film "J & # 39; accuse", the director is accused of being raped by photographer Valentin Monier. The cinema community, however, remained quite silent.

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Roman Polanski and the crew of the movie "J & # 39; accuse" during a preview in Paris on November 4.
Roman Polanski and the crew of the movie "J & # 39; accuse" during a preview in Paris on November 4. Thomas Samson / AFP

Two days before the announcement J & # 39; accuse, Roman Polanski's film on the Dreyfus affair, shame is visible in French cinema as in the media. The director's situation, centered on a new rape allegation that he denies, embarrassed the environment that is regularly suspected of protecting the multi-award-winning artist, who still manages American justice. Since its announcement on Friday, November 8, at the testimony of photographer Valentin Monner, who says he was Beaten and disrupted by Roman Polanski in 1975 at the age of 18, the film industry remained fairly quiet.

A sharp contrast to many messages of support sent last week to actress Adele Fannell, who accused director Christoph Rugia of"Galena" and 'Sexual Harassment' when she was a teenager. Adel Chanel is also one of the rare numbers of 7e art to bring its own "Support" to Valentin Monier, whose indictment, first brought by a Frenchwoman, adds to those of other women in recent years, all denied by the director.

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Jeananne Dujardin, the lead actress of the film who was awarded the Grand Jury Prize at the Venice Film Festival, canceled her visit on Sunday at 8 pm TF1. Frans Inter says she also had Emanuel Seinger, Polanski's wife, starring in the film 'Canceled' on the Boomerang program scheduled for Tuesday, while the pop radio program filmed with Louise Garell, another film actor, was not aired on Monday. Broadcast Antoine de Counces was filmed in advance, Frances Inter ruled 'Impossible' to spread it ever since "The question of this new indictment was not raised"explained the antenna director of public radio, Lawrence Bloch. Frans Inter, the film's partner, will continue to promote it, she said, adding that "Listeners are adults". France 5 also did not air the "X To You" show, filmed by Louise Garel on Monday.

ARP (the 86-year-old director's Civil Society of Authors, Directors and Producers) assured that "They should have decided on Roman Polanski's status, they will do so by agreement of the filmmakers" members. But no board is planned "For a moment". Roman Polanski is also a member of the Association for the Promotion of Cinema (APC), which oversees the Académie des Césars. Asked by AFP, its president, Alan Terzian, did not respond.

Supporting the weight in the world of culture

Oscar-winning French-Polish director The pianist – and awarded by several Caesars and Palme d'Or – has always found support in France after fleeing the United States in 1978, prosecuting for having sex with a minor. But he is facing increasing resentment from feminist activists.

In 2017, women demonstrated in France against a retrospective dedicated to him at Kinematek. That same year, he resigned from the presidency of the Caesars. However, the director was backed by these institutions – Alan Terzian justified his choice as 'Undisputed' – While in the United States, the Academy of the Oscars decided to exclude him.

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In his platform at The ParisianValentin Monier condemns the relationship of a “An unconditional center of enduring intellectuals and artists (…) support " Roman Polanski notwithstanding "Much more rape charges" despite the #metoo movement. The photographer wonders about the fact that the director benefits from public assistance. The Ministry of Culture confirmed to the France Press Agency that it had received a letter from Moniere on the subject, transferred from Brigitte Macron's office. The services of Frank Richter have been transferred to the National Film Center (CNC) and France Televisions, the co-produced film of France 2 and France 3.

Catherine Deneuve, who fired at him disgusting, for example, never stopped supporting it, as it did again in front of the Sample, where the selection of J & # 39; accuse got mad. Cannes Film Festival delegate-general Thierry Fremaux also praised it in 2017 "It's a business you need to know to be able to talk about it". “Forty years have passed (…). Forgiveness is indispensable in society », has recently stirred director Costa-Gavras, president of the Cinematek franchise. This summer spoke to Mosta's director Alberto Barbera "To make a very clear distinction between man and artist"though claimed by the jury president, Lucretia Martel "Very Shameful" from the choice of film.

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