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Cabasse. The disappearance of the founder of the company – Brittany

Diedorge Cabasse died at the age of 91
Diedorges Cabasse dies at 91 (Photo Cabasse)

Founder of Cabasse, a Brest company world renowned for its high-fidelity speakers, Ororge Cabasse died at the age of 91. It leaves behind an innovative company that has built a solid reputation with international clients for luxury acoustics.

Coming from a family of Lutherans installed in Vosges, passionate about music and animated by the desire to bring the orchestra's sound back to life, Ororge Cabasses created the House of Speakers in Noyle-sur-Seine in 1950 with his wife Elizabeth. The company became famous in 1953 by equipping Le Grand Rex, the first institution equipped with Cinémascope technology. In 1959, wanting to decentralize his MS, the couple wrote to a series of municipalities between La Rochelle and Dunkirk because "George absolutely wanted to live by the sea," he later reported his wife in our columns. Ororge Lombard, then mayor of Brest, was the first to respond.

Ororge Cabasse and his wife (Photo Cabasse)

From Kergonan to Pluzane

This was the start of a long industrial adventure that began in the Kergonan industrial zone, then the site of Pluzane (29) in 2003, where he recruited the best engineers. Always a startup, the company connects innovation. It developed three-way speakers in 1974. Acknowledged expertise earned by Geode, Temple of Modernity in 1984.

In 1998, Charles de Gaulle nuclear aircraft carrier used Made in Brest technology. Slava is also jealous, as a local story says that Japanese hi-fi fans were once caught abducting the Kabas Lab and then calling it "the speaker of the Bokse".

Commercially, Elizabeth Kabase illuminates the company, the founder prefers to remain discreet in public life.

In 2006, the company was sold to the giant Canon, with production transferred to Lifre (35). Thanks to the acquisition in 2014 by Aux de Montpellier, a company specializing in related facilities, small and medium-sized businesses returned to their production in Brest and found a new momentum thanks to streaming scope.

Turnover is almost 8m euros

Today the Pluzane site, which was the subject of a 3m-euro investment, employs about thirty employees. SMEs have expanded their sales network by creating 70 dedicated auditoriums (Cabassé Acoustic Centers), including 40 in France. Last year, it achieved a turnover of 7.7m euros, of which a good portion was exported.

Cabasse Headquarters in Pluzane (Le Telegram Photo Archives)

A tribute will be made to Orabé Cabasse this Tuesday at 2:30 pm in the Ceremony Room, 245 rue Général-Paulet, Brest.

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