Wednesday , July 28 2021

Buddha dish: pineapple, mango, orange, soy cream, vanilla, oatmeal, cashew nuts

We put what we want in bo (s) l: proteins (vegetables, animal), starchy foods, cheese, salad, fruit … raw, boiled … salty, sweet, respect the portions and indulge! Said Jean-Michel Cohen Thomas Cluet creating 80 recipes that are easy to prepare on a daily basis, all synchronized, proportionate and therefore recommended by a nutritionist, in his latest book “A dish with Buddha, vegetables, seeds, protein” of the editions Flamarion.

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Jean-Michel Cohen worked hand in hand with Thomas Cluj to register these recipes, within the framework of “healthy food”, one of the results of the recent evolution of our diets, reflecting the desire to consume not only food and pleasure , but also to get “more”.

To reach as many people as possible, I chose to offer a few 100% vegetable recipes, but most include animal proteins (egg, cheese, meat, fish) selected from the most common, reducing their quantities. These recipes can be easily adapted for vegetarians, vegans and vegans: the “extra tip” at the end of the recipe will help. Good tasting.

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