Tuesday , September 29 2020

Bill Gates, head of Microsoft, is becoming the richest man in the world


It weighs 110 billion
dollars. Microsoft's Inventor Bill Gates is back on Saturday, November 16
the world's first treasure, before ef Bezos passed in 2017.

with legacy of
billions of dollars
, the Amazon boss took away the title of the first
fortune on the planet two years, according to Bloomberg's Index of Billionaires. and
this summer, it is Bernard Arna's turn to steal second place from
Bill Gates, thanks to rising stock prices at LVMH.

The capital of Ef Bezos
has had its ups and downs in recent years. Estimated at 150
billion dollars at the beginning of the year, his wealth dropped after his
divorce. Estimated loss of $ 36 billion last April, his ex-girlfriend McKenzie
Bezos ranks 22nd among Bloomberg's richest people. A few months later, the e-commerce giant dropped 14% on the stock market last July.

Stable business for Microsoft

For his part, Bill Gates knows the stability of his activity because it is not directly affected
with trade tensions between the United States and China. American
said in February 2018 to CNN that he should, like people
in his position, pay more taxes. There were $ 10 billion
taken "The richest people tend to have them
benefits far better than those of the middle class or the poor, "
he regretted being a businessman in the US media.

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