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Benjamin Castaldi de nouveau papa? For 50 hours, you only have 6me with Aurore!

On September 18th, Benjamin Castaldi demanded a pardon for all those infants not to be beaten. Aujourd'hui plus on the dance floor, where the templates with the templates – Julien Castaldi, Enzo Castaldi, Simon Castaldi – a great deal on the Touche plateau pas à mon post. The wait is over for a 6me break!

"Est-ce qu'il faut agrandir la famille?"

Face to Face, Cyril Hanouna, Oct. 2, is scheduled to go face to face with a dilemma … Pour the décor, animated "Secret Story" into an explosive situation that trouvait aujourd'hui. "You have 4 marriages and three trains, the two premieres with Valerie, the second with Flavie, and the femme (Aurore) with two strands, and there are 3 marriages on très amoureux "at-il confié. The following is a question from the fatidique question: "Is this what you want to do?"

Benjamin Castaldi assures: "A la maison, on est déjà 4. This is not a voluntary flight, but you have a question, as if you were traveling 50 ans in March. je suis papa, is there any trop vieux papa? est quo pas égoïste? est quo pas se fancon de se faire plus plaisir à soi qu'aux enfants? "

Even in the list of negative points, Benji's first toutefois was allowed to fly over to Aurore, and where the head of the family was cemented. Ravant à voix haute, le papa gâteau a suri: "As j'avais un fille, you have to do 'what c'est top', par qu'une fille quand on est un vieux papa c'est super cool".

"You are plus plus re-signer"

And like the chronographs around the table that are not launched in a blanket or counterclockwise, for the report to be visible only if it is trouvéed, it is just so. Après la publicité, il s'est félicité: "You are in the plein form". Et d'ajouter: "You are here for 2019 compliquée or you are not here yet. Aujourd'hui is su plus to re-signer if you do not re-signer". This Aurore qui va etre content!

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