Sunday , May 9 2021

Bellamy, Larrivé, Collard … Des élus LR et RN in Paris Course

Manifestation of the PMA expansion project in Paris. – Lucas BARIOULET / AFP

Responsible queries LR and RN are participating at the PMA counter to all, including Paris, with two or three candidates in the possession of the republic, including those involved in the bioethical project divide the party.

"Not only after revision in seminal cells, in cellular, transhumanist modes", an estimate, LCI, Guillaume Larrivé, YR and Yunne candidacy for elective possession of the Republic, premier tour se tiendra les 12 et 13 octobre.

Aubert and Larrivé présents, more than Jacob, favored the concept of LR

"You're going to have a great deal of convictions, but you're going to have to have a headache and a surtout honors", according to Julien Aubert, media duo of Vaucluse and a candid candidate for the party. .

They fall under a PMA release, Christian Jacob, favoring scrutiny for LR ownership, since it is reported to be non-expressive, as a whole of responsive drives. De mame que la cheffe du Rassemblement national Marine Le Pen. "The cord of the cord of the flank that is the primary target and not of the cord of the cord", an estimate for François-Xavier Bellamy's part, LR european, interrogated by CNews in the cortege de la marche.

«Falling into disrepute is legitimate, falling into disrepute, but no matter how many (…) for the sake of completeness, it is unacceptable, that it does not have the power to approve sorbs with it condition humaine », at-il ajouté. Selon lui, «one person only, two people who are sexually active while not being sexually active, other than those who are maladapted, but also those who are exposed to the condition that the human condition is marked. by this limit ».

Nicolas Bay ou Gilbert Collard manifesto aussi

«Taking all of a situation into a private area of ​​the son of a son, and privately having access to a son of a son, that would not be an absolute regression of justice», a report depicting Nicolas Bay's cortege, Eurodepartment sur LCI.

"There is a terrible ontologically charged bouquet of aquatic consolations in the train", by Gilbert Collard, a European RN expert, devoted to the media. PMA coverage on lesbian couples and single women is being voted on by September 27, within the framework of bioethical projects in the course of the National Assembly.

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