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Amazon suspects Trump administration loses mega-deal with Pentagon

At the end of October 2019, the US Department of Defense awarded it to Microsoft gigantic deal of 10 billion $ 9 billion, including the migration of its IT to cloud-based servers and data centers, managed by the creator of Windows. However, Amazon was considered a big favorite to win this deal, called Eddy, and began contesting the award while its division of Amazon Web Services (AWS) already provides secure servers to other US government agencies, including the CIA.

"Many aspects of the contract evaluation process have had obvious flaws, errors and unequivocal bias and it is important that these issues are investigated and corrected," a spokesman for the US email giant said. trade. Amazon said it notified the court last week of its intention to challenge the way the tender was managed. The defense ministry believes the evaluation was conducted impartially.

The defense minister refutes Amazon's criticism

US Defense Secretary Mark Esper himself rejected Friday's criticism of Amazon's contract award process. "I am convinced that this was done freely and fairly, without outside influence," he said at a news conference in Seoul, Korea, during which he was asked about Amazon's criticism. .

The 10-year Joint Defense Infrastructure Agreement (FEDI) aims to modernize all of the US armed forces' IT systems into an artificial intelligence system.

In August 2019, the Pentagon announced the postponement of a call for tenders pending the green light of new Secretary of Defense Mark Esper. It was named by President Donald Trump, who is in a bad sense with Amazon and its founder, Effez Bezos, who also owns The Washington Post, a target of violent criticism from the Republican billionaire.

This is "to send Amazon to graze," reportedly, Trump said

According to James Matthews, former US Secretary of Defense Donald Trump told him to "send Amazon passersby" during discussion of the deal. These remarks were published by Guy Snowdrag, a close friend of James Metis, in a book published in October. Ames Metis stepped down in December 2018, criticizing Donald Trump's diplomatic strategy.

Last July, Donald Trump told a news conference that he had asked advisers to review the FEDI deal, saying competing companies had a difficult time with Amazon. "I get significant complaints about this deal with the Pentagon and Amazon … They say there are problems with competition," he said. It is common knowledge that hostility marks the link between the US president and effef Bezos, founder of Amazon and also the owner of the influential US daily. The Washington Post.

Amazon's decision to challenge the attribution "will make noise and delay this deal," says Daniel Yves. But this Wedbush analyst doesn't think the deal could change hands at this point. "Microsoft will retain the title of winner in this difficult battle for a year and will remain a black eye for Amazon and (its boss) Bezos," he said.

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