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Accused of big mistakes, Pôle Emploi defends himself


according Expressthe agency reportedly claimed that jobseekers pay back benefits received at least a million times in six months. The management of Pôle Emploi strongly denies the accusations.

Pôle Emploi would ask the unemployed to repay the benefits received, according toexpressThe situation would be repeated "1 million times" during the first six months of the year. In each case, confirms the weekly, affected people had to take a step in relation to the establishment justifying their situation and creating a series of explanatory documents. He contacted Le FigaroPôle Emploi strongly denies revelations Express. The accusation was described as "bizarre" by the deputy general director of Pôle Emploi, Michaël Ohier.

"You can not track the situation of the unemployed"

according expressthis multiplication of erroneous statements mainly explains two causes. On the one hand, human errors at the moment information is provided by the unemployed. Badly recorded date or amount can, for example, change the person's data and then harm him. The magazine estimates that these errors "constitute 200 million euros of incorrect allocations". On the other hand, the general lack of clarity and inaccurate confiscation on the part of recipients would make it difficult to track their careers: "the agency is not able to accurately track their situation," reads the magazine, adding that people with multiple activities, multiple employers or sources of income may not be saved in the correct field, and the update may take several months.

These errors would result in a long journey of the unemployed unjustly linked to Pôle Emploi and an agency that uses these moments to update its files. However, this process requires many resources, mobilizes employees and is expensive: express a list of telephone calls from recipients, an increase of 33% in 2015-2016, over 1.7 million emails sent on the same subject, as well as a general overpayment of EUR 1 billion in 2017. The latter number also exploded after 36% increase in just two years.

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For Michaël Ohier, Pôle emploi simply has to deal with the increasingly flexible labor market and increasingly complex individual situations. In this context, overpayments are explained primarily by the speed with which the institution compensates the beneficiaries so that they are not "out of resources": that is why Pôle Emploi "pays unemployment benefit on the basis of declarations of unemployed persons and before receiving documents that could potentially generate regulations". Thus, the person receiving the unemployment benefit, but working in the last two weeks of the month, will then provide supporting documents (in particular the pay slip) after receiving his allowance. The institution will then ask him to settle the situation by refunding the overpayment. In addition, the increase in the number of procedures is "normal": "because more and more people are accumulating their supplements during periods of work, overpayments increase".

For the head of the plant, situations presented as "errors" by express they are not, but they are "known mechanisms". However, Pôle Emploi cooperates with Unédic to simplify regulations to reduce these conflict situations. In addition, the organization estimates that the increase in the number of emails and phone calls indicated byexpress is the result of the "complete reorganization" of Pôle emploi in early 2016, which now accepts customers in the morning and receives them mainly after an appointment in the afternoon. "People call us more generally than they come to the agency," says Michaël Ohier, adding that, on the contrary, "claims related to damages have fallen by 12% this year."

Human errors or normal evolutions?

"We manage 9 million claims a year and compensate more than 3 million beneficiaries each month.Of course, it will be easy to find a person who has received a late payment or to whom we have asked for the overpayment," says the deputy director general. Pôle Emploi calls recipients of services to explain the principle of overpayments and "completely modified" their mail to better inform users.

In addition, the agency rejects the information that the ceiling above which the procedure for recovering overpaid amounts, officially fixed at EUR 77, would be significantly higher, EUR 650: "the main complaint has been removed in 2016. We really intervene from € 77, I do not know where this data comes from ! "- exclaims the deputy director.

Finally, the manager also rejects the allegations express in DSN. In the case of a magazine, the agency, for some unknown reason, does not use the "nominal social declaration", which requires companies to pay the payroll of their employees to the public administration, including Pôle Emploi. However, Michaël Ohier explains that the data that is coming back this way is already used, but a large part of the contracts treated by the agency is short: it is either a contract of use or a contract of lesser value. months, and these have not yet been included in the scope of DSN.

Therefore, Pôle emploi promises that the latest service assessments are evidence of improved service quality as well as increasing user satisfaction. "Our efforts and our progress are underlined during the inspections carried out by Unedic," says Michaël Ohier, who confirms that the report on this topic should be published soon by IGF-Igas.

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