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250 identified potential victims, 184 complaints filed

The majority of potential victims are housed in Brittany, with La Rochelle parquet flooring in favor of Laurent's floor.

Two hundred and fifty potential victims of unreported facts have been identified by Dr. Le Scurnac, a former surgeon accused of rape and sexual assault, La Rochelle's floor reported Monday, November 18. A preliminary investigation was launched in early October to identify possible victims, following the discovery of a notebook found at the doctor's home in 2017. This notebook lists the names of potential victims and the doctor described the sexual practices he would have with them.

Of these 250 potential victims, 209 were heard, several of them "report on specific facts". 184 wanted to file a lawsuit (181 were minors during the facts), 138 of which are currently under the jurisdiction of the Rehn Court of Appeal, including 100 in Morbihan.

The 159 criminal and / or torture facts are listed in the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal in Rehn, including 100 in Morbihan and 23 in Fininer, it said at the bottom.

Therefore, La Rochelle's public prosecutor announced that he was being diverted in favor of the Lorient Public Prosecutor's Office, which houses the Morbihan crime center.

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