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The new generation of the Toyota Corolla Sedan set for the global debut on November 16


Toyota Corolla new generation sedan will have its global debut on November 16, 2018 and will join the hatchback and wagon versions

The next generation Toyota Corolla sedan will debut on the global market on November 16. Although the hatchback and version of the popular car in the world has already been introduced recently, the sedan will appeal to a wider audience around the world – including India. The new generation of the Toyota Corolla Sedan is designed to approach the design of its hatchback and sibling cars in terms of design and will also share mechanical bits, including engines and transmissions. Toyota Corolla next generation is likely to reach India next year or early 2020, Considering the fact that the current generation has been around for several years – though with a recent lifting.


(Toyota Corolla sedan)

The new Toyota Corolla will have a more aggressive and sporty face compared to its predecessors with a set of sharp headlights and angular grille of the Toyota family. It is also said that the dimensions grow slightly compared to the last generation Corolla with a longer wheelbase to have better interior space. The new Corolla generation is expected to be a bit more sporty from behind, with a more stringent roofline and a set of aggressive rear lights. The interior will be completely redesigned thanks to the flat dashboard and the vertical large touch screen for the Infotainment cluster. In a typical Toyota Corolla style, the instrument cluster will be analog with a blue motif.


(Toyota Corolla Sedan)


When it comes to engines, the Toyota Corolla will have a 1.8-liter or 2-liter gasoline engine, while the diesel engine will be the same 1.5-liter unit that is currently available in a car in India. Expect an automatic version of CVT for gasoline with instructions and only a manual version for diesel.

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