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PSG and France star Kylian Mbappe [Courtesy]

There is no doubt that Kylian Mbappe is the most unusual teenage player in the world.

At the age of 19, striker Paris Saint-Germain is already one of the most terrifying attackers in Europe and can boast of a medal of World Cup winners in his back pocket.

Born in Bondy, he joined the PSG after the first loan agreement with Monaco in 2017. After his appearance on Stade Louis II, at which time he shot the Duchy club to the Champions League semi-finals and the title Ligue 1 – pipping his future club to the crown.

Joined PSG in connection with the first loan agreement with Monaco in 2017 [Courtesy]

In this season, in which he scored 26 goals in 44 matches, he led to the fact that PSG included a huge offer for the 18-year-old, initially taking him to the Parc des Princes with the obligation to pay a huge amount of 180 million euros. for his services permanently in the next year.

In his debut year in Paris, he scored 21 goals, and PSG once again won a place on French football, winning the national mountain.

He was also honored with personal distinctions, and Mbappe honored the prestigious Golden Boy award for 2017, twice as a young player of the Ligue 1 year, twice being listed in the league in the team, and became the Best Young Player in the World Cup in which he scored four times.

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Few players are more desirable for the largest football clubs in the world.

And according to the latest Soccer spills cache, as Der Spiegel pointed out, Mbappe used his status as the best next football star when moving from Monaco in 2017.

Mbappe is currently one of the best players in the world [Courtesy]

It is claimed that Mbappe, in the summer of 2017, asked Monaco to raise his contract 16 times more than the salary he negotiated 15 months earlier. Monaco opposed the numbers and decided to cash.

Mbappe was wanted by Real Madrid – L & # 39; Equipe claims that Madrid agreed to a transaction worth 214 million euros – but a player born in the suburbs of Paris preferred to return to the French capital with PSG.

After PSG was deeply absorbed by Neymar and decided to land at Mbappe, and not potentially lose it in the future, they agreed to a loan to buy a contract.

Mbappe's father, Wilfried, negotiated with the sports director of PSG Antero Henrique over the contract; a total of 55 million euros in five years. On a moving scale – starting from EUR 7 million in its debut season and ending with EUR 12 million in the last year – the contract was agreed.

However according to Soccer spills there were several clauses on the top; some have been agreed, others have been rejected.

Asking Mbappe to win Ballon d & # 39; Or, which would automatically become the highest paid player in the club – potentially earning more than Neymar – was rejected. A second person was also refused, requesting the use of a private jet for 50 hours a year.

It is claimed that the Mbappe family asked for monetary compensation "if PSG were banned in the Champions League" amid fears related to Financial Fair Play.

One of the clauses that has been adopted says that Mbappe receives 30,000 euros a month for the payment of three personal employees and for rent.

Among other things, he claims that Jorge Mendes, agent Jose Mourinho and Cristiano Ronaldo, received "at least € 7.25 million" for his participation in the transfer – even though he was not a player agent.

Monaco's chief attorney, Daniel Bique, allegedly added the name of the Portuguese agent to the transfer agreement on August 31, 2017. With the suggestion that Mendes contributed to raising the player's price.

Mendes, Monaco, PSG and Mbappe do not comment.

All in all, this is a stunning opportunity standing at the top of the bloated football ", but PSG, who wanted to stand at the top of European football and obsession with the Champions League, considered it worth paying.

Mbappe, who is under 20 years old, until December 20, follows his wonderful World Cup show with 13 goals in 12 games for the PSG this season, which is 74 minutes on average.

His status is also growing because he was on the cover of Time magazine as one of the "new generation leaders". Their article called him "The Future of Football," and he's best to introduce him as the successor of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

This is certainly what PSG is all about.

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