Monday , June 14 2021

Mahrez bras helps Algeria qualify for the Nations Cup

Manchester City star Riyad Mahrez scored twice, as Algeria defeated Togo 4-1 in Lome on Sunday to qualify for the Africa Cup final in Africa in Cameroon in 2019.

Heated on both sides of the Youcef Attal goal to give the 1990 champions the advantage of three goals in 30 minutes in a West African city.

Kodjo Fo-Doh Laba withdrew one back to Togo in the second half, before Baghdad Bounedjah finished scoring during the stop.

Algeria has 10 points from five matches in Group D, Benin Seven and Togo and Gambie five. The last round of matches is scheduled for March.

The Algerians became the 10th eliminators of Cameroon, Egypt, Madagascar, Mali, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, Tunisia and Uganda.

Burkina Faso, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Zimbabwe lost their chance to secure places in the newly expanded 24-team tournament in June and July.

Mateus scored for Angola in Group 2-1, winning over Burkina Faso in Luanda, while Tanzania lost 1-0 to Lesotho, where Nkau Lerotholi nodded to the 76th minute winner of Group L.

William Jebor scored in the second half when Liberia upset G Zimbabwe 1-0 leaders in Paynesville, while Congo and Democratic Republic of the Congo 1: 1 in the same mini-league.

Zimbabwe has eight points, seven Liberia, DR Congo six and Congo five, and all four countries can be in the top two and qualify.

Former Zambia champions were eliminated after losing 1-0 to Mozambique in group K.

Reginaldo Faife, based in Albania, maintains Mozambique's hopes of being promoted to the first half, scoring the only goal after 63 minutes in Maputo.

Guinea-Bissau and Namibia have eight points after a 0-0 draw in Windhoek on Saturday, Mozambique seven and Zambia four.

Zambia were the shocking winners of the 2012 Nations Cup in Libreville, betting on Côte d'Ivoire with fines without a goalless final.

Defeating was a huge blow to the Belgian-born coach of Zambia, Sven Vandenbroeck, who was recruited when the local Wedson Nyirenda resigned after the preliminary round to join the South African club.

Vandenbroeck won one match, drew one and lost two in the Nations Cup since his first appointment as national team coach.

He assisted compatriots and coach Cameroon Hugo Broos when the Central African country unexpectedly won the 2017 Nations Cup in Gabon.

Ghana defeated Ethiopia 2-0 in group F in Addis Ababa, and Jordan Ayew scored two goals in the first half.

Sudan finished the 4-match defeat in group A with an unexpected victory 3-1 over the already qualified Madagascar in Antananarivo.

The goal for the downtime was saved by a 2: 2 H group draw for the Central African Republic in Rwanda, while Niger went behind to win 2-1 from Swaziland in Group J.

Algeria qualified for the African Nations Cup in the latest match against Togo with the help of Riyad Mahrez, where they played in Manchester City in November 2018

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