Saturday , June 12 2021

Hailey Baldwin seems to confirm a marriage with Justin Bieber on Instagram

Hailey Baldwin seems to confirm that she and Justin Bieber married, changing their name to "Hailey Rhode Bieber" on Instagram.

After a short affair from December 2015. By January 2016, Baldwin and Bieber began meeting again in May 2018.

The American model and Canadian singer announced their engagement a few months later, and now they are supposed to have taken the next step, exchanging their vows.

In September this year CNN reported that the couple went to court in Los Angeles to get a wedding license.

While there were rumors at the time about whether the couple married, both Baldwin and Bieber left hints that they had actually tied the knot.

"My wife is amazing," he wrote in the signature on Instagram yesterday to accompany the picture of a couple holding hands, and Baldwin wrote: "This is my child" in the comment below.

In October, TMZ reported that Baldwin had filed a reservation for the name "Hailey Bieber", while claiming that the couple had married a secret ceremony in New York on the day that they obtained the marriage license.

However, in the now removed tweet from September 14, Baldwin said that she and Bieber did not go then.

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"I understand where speculation comes from, but I have not got married yet!" she tweeted, according to Buzz.

Many people in social media answered the news of the alleged marriage of the couple.

"I'm so happy for them," wrote one of the fans Twitterwith another writing: "You two are too charming … I am glad that you have found" your person "," on Instagram.

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