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Gabriel Rosado in the confrontation with Daniel Obakobs, his contempt for him and the battle for respect

Gabriel Rosado has taken over some of the best that boxing has to offer. The Philadelphia native fought world champions Gennady Golovkin, Ermel Charlotte, Peter Quillin and Oshoshua Clottey.

Rosado (25-12-1, 14 KOs, one without a match) received another blow to the press on Friday night as he battled former two-time middleweight champion Daniel Obakobs of Hard Rock live at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel. and Casino Hollywood, Florida, live on DAZN.

Before stepping into the ring for the first time in 2020, Rosado sat down with DAZN News to discuss the background behind the fierce rivalry, if he respects Jacobs and what this fight means for his career.

(Editor’s note: This interview has been modified for length and clarity.)

News from DAZN: This fight has been going on for a year since the confrontation back when you shared a card in December. Did you feel that the fight would ever happen just given the strong heat among the guys?

Gabriel Rosado: The only thing that made me feel that the fight would not happen was the pandemic. The fight was supposed to take place in June. Then the pandemic hit. That changed things around. My only concern was to wait for the date and see what would happen to this whole pandemic and whether the fans would be allowed to.

ДН: You know, a few minutes before we started chatting, I was watching a video of you and Daniel in a confrontation in Phoenix. Which led to the whole shooting to the point where the guys are in each other.

GR: The confrontation was focused on whether we will fight or not? I just did not know what was going on with what Chavez was going through with his legal affairs. The day of the measurement is when that confrontation took place. So now he is fighting with Chavez, and I with his opponent. So, I really did not have much to say to him. But then he starts talking to me. So I told him, “You had a chance to fight me. But no, so why are you talking about —? There are cameras around, and now you want to be a strong guy? It really came from there. I was like, ‘Look, it was between Chavez and me. You chose Chavez, so do not sell him – now that there is nothing to do. What are we going to do, to fight in the back ‘? I used to tell him to stop cheating and to act like he wanted to do something. You had a chance to fight me and you chose Chavez. It was just funny to me that he had something to say to me from behind when we could do nothing.

ДН: Did you lose respect for him after the confrontation? Either it was or it was, you know, you always keep things professional. You are an old school fighter and you will have respect for him anyway.

GR: No, not really. I do not respect him as a person. As a fighter, he is a good fighter. As a person, behavior and character, I do not respect him as a person.

ДН: What is it about his character that you are not too fond of?

GR: I just think he was gossiping about me. I just think it’s disrespectful, I always have respect wherever I go in boxing, and I show back respect. It’s just a lack of respect for me. I see him as a clown. I feel like he is full of himself.

Dan always wants to talk about, “Oh, you took all these losses.” But you know, if you look at it, Danny was not fighting anyone who would show up. And the moment when he fought with a good decent boy, Dmitry Pirog. He was beaten. And then he came back and defeated a decent fighter and Peter Quilin. Many people do not remember Peter Quilin being out of the ring for a while. Peter Quilin has been up there for years. He was older. Besides, he did not fight with anyone. But then when he fights someone like Golovkin, who has already reached his peak. I fought Golovkin for most of his time. He fights Golovkin near his top, and Golovkin beats him and even drops him. He then fights Canello, and Canello educates him. So when it comes to him fighting the A-level guys, he never beat them. All that is beaten are guys you have to beat.

When you look at my post, I fight killer after killer after killer. I’m fighting Golovkin. I fight with Killin, Charlot and I fight with all these guys one on one. I struggle with these guys at a time when my experience is not lacking. It is all a learning process. I feel like at this point in my career and I can use these losses as an experience to be better. As for the’s Jacobs, if he were to go my own way, they would not know who the’s Jacobs were.

ДН: Where does the hashtag come from?

GR: Yes That mentality originated from the time I fought Golovkin. I was already ranked number one in the division (1) фу 54. My must-have was K9 (Cornelius Bundgra). I was very favored to beat K9 for the world title. But then I was offered the Golovkin fight. I did not have to fight Golovkin. I just wanted to fight Golovkin, because it was just one of those things like, “Dare to be great. ‘I want to fight this boy.’ I did that too. That has always been my attitude. When Day cuts me down and cuts my record, he does not take them into account as if no fighter were fighting the opposition I am doing. You always fight a good fight, and the next fight may be a fight with the rest. My position is just to make it happen. I have a feeling that now I can use it to my advantage, because I have not seen it yet. There is nothing that Dan will bring to the table that I have never seen before. Going to be a great fight.

ДН: Since this fight has been announced, it feels like this is a battle to honor you for the things Danny said and the confrontation last year. Do you feel that you are fighting for the honor that will appear on November 27?

GR: I think I am fighting for the heritage. I struggle to put myself in a position to get a shot at the world title. My mentality is that this is about heritage, man. This is about winning this big win and we hope to fight Calum Smith, (Billy) o) Saunders, Canello (or) someone with a title.

ДН: What do you make of him saying that it is personal because it is personal to him? Is it personal to you or do you see it as a stepping stone to a headline shot?

GR: It’s personal It’s personal because it hurt me the wrong way. I think he underestimates me. I think he looks beside me. I think he sees me as a warm-up fight. I just want to flip the script over and let him know he made a mistake.

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