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Facebook is in the Top 10 Best Global Brands Behind Apple and Google

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

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The top ten brands of Interbrand for 2019 are dominated by tech companies, with one notable departure: Facebook.

Omnicom Group brand consulting services measure brand valuation on the financial performance of branded products and services, the role of the brand in consumer purchasing decisions and competitive strengths, and the ability to generate loyalty. This year's report marks the 20th Interbrand report "Best Global Brands".

Daniel Beans, chief executive of Interbrand in New York, told CNBC's Squawk Box on Thursday morning that Facebook's departure had something to do with consumer privacy and security. Facebook first entered the Best Global Brands Report at # 69 in 2012 and reached # 8 in 2017, the company said in a statement. Facebook sits at # 14 on the 2019 list.

"They obviously had a tough year," Bines said. "Something like Apple did a really great job of doubling [privacy], as well as Microsoft.

Facebook continues to tackle its privacy practices and review how it uses consumer personal information. It is also subject to anti-monopoly probes. It's not the only big tech company being investigated for anti-competitive behavior – Google, Amazon and Apple are also being investigated. But it seems that Facebook's consumer reputation has taken away more than its peers.

In numerical order, this year's list tops Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft. Next are Coca-Cola, Samsung, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, McDonald's and Disney.

Why Google's own privacy concerns were not a problem for his inclusion on the list, Bince said, had to do with consumers still seeing high value for the tech giant's products.

"Basically it is an exchange … between utilities and the transfer of your consumer data," he said. "Then the tool is victory."

Disney's ranking in the top 10 tells consumers something about what Disney is doing in the media.

"The promise of Disney + is really powerful," Bines said.

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