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Delete the resolution to protect the rule of law in Ethiopia

<img alt = "Resolution-Protection-Rule of Law" src = "" style = "float: left; height: 281px November 19, 2018 – The deputy head of Tigray's regional governorate of Ethiopia and President of the People's Liberation Front Tigrayan (TPLF) said Tigray and his government support the ongoing campaign against corruption and abuse of power.

The deputy head of the administration, Dr Debresion Geberikhael, was quoted by the ENA: "in the will of the people of Tiger and the government, the detention of corrupt individuals and human rights violators continues." "The detention, however, should be with due regard to the supremacy of the law," he added.

At a press briefing he gave today, Dr Debresion said the Tigers' people paid huge sacrifices to secure the supremacy of the law.

"Tigray people and the regional government stand firm to protect the rule of law. Tigray's attitude and the government is resolute," he noted.

In previous comments on the latest developments and the campaign against corruption and abuse of power, Dr Debretion has suggested that his government and his party, TPLF, will not protect those who have been found guilty of any crimes.

Recently, Prime Minister Abhi Ahmed's government took unprecedented steps to round up several senior officials and arrest them, some with a full view of the cameras. The campaign focused mainly on corruption in metals and engineering corporations (METEC), as well as on human rights violations in the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISA).

Although the shares were greeted by large sections of the Ethiopian public, there are many Ethiopians who believe that the current campaign is mostly political and is targeted at Tigrayan and TPLF people. According to these people, when it comes to corruption and abuse of power, there are many more people, including some who are still in power, who need to respond to various crimes and abuses, and not just those in METEK or NIS.

"Measures should not be limited to some, but should involve many federal organizations and regions, and everyone should be responsible." Debelea pointed.

"The accusation of the suspects in the media, describing them as criminals, makes the efforts of the courts and the police to discover the truth in vain," he added.

According to some online media reports, the TPLF president is currently under heavy pressure from his ranks in TPLF and Tigrayans everywhere to ensure that the anti-corruption action of individuals covers all nations and regions that have roles in any violations, including those in current government positions.

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