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David Atenborough reveals our obsession with him as "weird"

David Attenborough thinks it is strange that awakened youth are worshipers of him (Photo: BBC)

David Attenborough has admitted that he thinks it is "strange" that he is such an inspiration to young environmentalists.

The 93-year-old documentary maker, who gave a stunning speech at Glastonbury's Pyramid Stage in June about one-time plastic damage, also admitted he was sure there were many people who thought he should get the spotlight.

Addressing his legendary status with the youth today, David said: "It's very strange. But the fact remains that I've been at it for 60 years.

Can You say that no one under the age of 75 can be without my voice coming from the corner of the room at different times and that must have an effect.

'It's a huge advantage for me because you go there with some kind of reputation and people are aware of you, and in a sense you've been part of the family for a long time, which is

He added to the BBC: "I'm sure there is a hell of a lot of young people saying – for God, why not move, give others a chance."

Please, please for the love of God, don't do that.

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David's latest documentary, Seven Worlds, One Planet is set to hit our television screens before the end of the month and focus on one continent per episode.

The first offering reveals how climate change is affecting Antarctic creatures and uses cutting-edge technology and drones to capture activity between whales, penguins and seals that have not yet been caught.

The series also looks at how climate change impacts ecology and what we might lose if we do not change our ways.

Seven Worlds, One Planet airs on Sunday, October 27 on BBC One.

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