Monday , September 20 2021

Claresa Shields says Million Dollar Award has caught her attention in MMA

World boxing champion in three divisions, Claresa Shields has now officially signed with the League of Professional Fighters. GWOAT is ready to move from boxing to MMA. The news came out on Twitter when the PFL announced that the superstar boxer had signed with them. Since then, Shields has spoken about why she accepted the challenge.

PFL CEO Peter Murray has highlighted the T-Rex MMA debut and vowed to continue defending his boxing belts. He said, “Claresa will continue to box professionally as she begins her multi-year career in PFL MMA. “Fans will experience her professional MMA debut in 2021, which can be seen across the US via ESPN, as well as in 160 countries around the world.”

Shields, who has previously expressed fears of a fight, explained why she switched to the PFL.

She said, “They give a woman a chance to fight for a million dollars. That’s what really caught my attention. And also, as it is, it is simply fair, women should do the same as men and also get the same salary and fight the same. “Everything is equal.”

However, Shields assured fans that he would still box. She said, “I do not withdraw from boxing. “I am really adding another career to my life, so I will still continue boxing.”

T-Rex also referred to its long-term goals in sports and said: “My long-term goal is to be one hundred and fifty-five pounds MMA champion. That is my general goal. “

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What is the League of Professional Fighters? Can Claresa Shields win?

The PFL is a season-based MMA league in which fighters compete in a regular season championship system and playoffs for the highest prize. The season usually starts in April. This will give Shields ample time to learn all the different aspects of MMA.

Claresa Shields
ATLANTIC CITY, NEW YORK – APRIL 13: Claresa Shields reacts after beating Christina Hammer (not pictured) to become the undisputed middleweight champion at Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall on April 13, 2019 in Atlantic City, New York. (Photo by Mitchell Leff / Getty Images)

GWOAT itself is convinced that it can become a champion and keep its boxing belts. Her goal is to make history and become the first woman to have both boxing belts and MMA titles. It will be very interesting to see how Claresa Shields pulls this off.

Do you see Shields ruling as a simultaneous MMA and boxing champion?

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