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Ben Simmons agrees with oshosh Richardson on Sixers’ “responsibility” last season

As the Sixers 2019-2020 season unfolded, Ben Simmons was absent from the Disney bubble in the early stages of recovery from left knee surgery. Therefore, he did not have a chance to offer a final opinion on the disappointing season.

The 24-year-old agreed on Friday with the assessment of oshosh Richardson that the Sixers do not have enough accountability, although he believes that the team has started to solve that issue.

“One hundred percent,” Simmons told a virtual media session. “We did not know when we would get a bucket, who would bring us a bucket. From knowing what we should be at all times, people are (not) responsible for certain things, whether they are small things – it all plays a role. (Richardson) was definitely right. We were not in a position to enter that bubble and win. I think our way of thinking was off, and accountability is a huge part of victory. I think he is definitely right.

“Enter (head coach Doc Rivers) and all these guys – and Doc’s team, with all these coaches – maturity has definitely increased with the team. I think it was great to see that and to see guys who are responsible for certain things and to see guys coming in with a different mindset. “And also the entry of veteran guys like Dwight (Howard) and Danny Green is really setting the boundary so you know what to expect.”

Richardson publicly called out the perceived internal problems throughout the season, but his comments after the Sixers lost the fourth game against the Celtics were the first time he had linked insufficient responsibility with Brett Brown, who was sacked as head coach the next day.

As his last words to reporters like Sixer were in the end, Richardson shifted the responsibility to the players.

“I think we had good communication here (at Disney World),” he said. “I think we all had good intentions. I think on the field, we did a better job of listening. But there must be some conflict. I think that is our next step, is to be able to have a conflict on the bench, as you saw in one of our first (sowing) games. I think that was good for us.

“I think we should be pleasant in unpleasant times – in times of conflict, at a time when if I do not do my job, I want someone to use me. That’s just what I grew up with, that’s where I came from. “I have seen good teams and I know that conflict and accountability are a big part of that.”

Simmons on Friday named the Rivers Clippers team as one with problems of responsibility.

The recent story of Jovan Buha from Athletic details the Clippers’ seasonal struggle to integrate the two new stars, Paul George George and Kauhi Leonard, who received preferential treatment that “began to compromise the standard of culture they were building”.

“You can’t just get into a bubble ситуација situation if you’re not ready and you no longer have that responsibility and chemistry – and Doc and I talked about it,” Simmons said. “You can tell the teams that they were strict and responsible for certain things that were happening. And you could see it.

“You can see it with the Clippers now, things are coming out. The same with us – the guys were not responsible, including me. So you really see that. The winning team was the Lakers. The Heat played well; they are a close group. The Celtics “They played well. And it shows, especially in the bubble.”

Unlike Simmons, Tobias Harris did not use the word “accountability” when asked what was wrong last year, instead of identifying injuries and figuring out how to play together. Indeed, it makes sense that a team with players in awkward positions, painstaking offensive style and slightly dilated health bodies would not merge very effectively.

Harris was positive about the Sixers’ collective approach in the early days of the campaign.

“… As for now, there is a real seriousness,” he said, “and a real atmosphere in the gym.” Hey, we have to get our respect back. We really have to come up with this kind of behavior that we have something to really prove this year. “There is this kind of seriousness and this kind of vibration that we all expect from each other.”

When pressed by the fact that the last team led by his head coach did not live up to expectations, in part because of the non-optimal chemistry, Simmons summed up the topic well. Rivers has no endless influence or authority, despite being the head coach of the NBA for more than two decades, and so has Brown.

“It’s about the players,” Simmons said. “There is only so much that can happen to the players and the coaches, and that is for the players to be sure that they will fit. And if they do not listen and do certain things, they will not win. I think it’s a great opportunity for us, to be younger guys, for someone like Doc to come in, but we have to finish it. ”

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