Watch the match Leicester City and Sheffield United

Leicester City v Sheffield United against Leicester City Sheffield United will host Paramol Lane Stadium in Sheffield, England, Leicester City in the 11th week of the English Premier League, in a match that will be played at 4:15 Cairo local time. broadcast on BBC The second sport is accompanied by a commentary in Arabic with the voice of sports commentator Khaled Al-Hadi.

Sheffield United have not been able to achieve positive results so far because they have achieved the worst performance in the English Premier League so far after playing ten games, they have not been able to win any of them and have lost nine games, settling for a single draw. , which was also the best result, as he tied with Fulham in the fifth week, when he hosted a game in the city of Sheffield that ended in a draw with a goal for each of them, and he gets one point, which is all Sheffield has in balance, so it is ranked twentieth at the bottom of the Premier League table, four points behind Burnley, the closest competitor.

As for Leicester City, he competes for the top spot and is in the golden box in the English Premier League, where he is fourth after Tottenham, Liverpool and Chelsea with eighteen points, where he played ten games and managed to win six of the but lost four games without Vrzan in any of his previous games as he was beaten by West Ham United, he was also beaten by a clear goal from Aston Villa and in his last two games against Liverpool and Fulham, temporarily sidelined from the top and be in fourth place in the hope that his results will improve and he will be in the position of the WTA Premier League.

Sheffield United card against Leicester City

  • 🏆 Championship: English Premier League.
  • 🏅 Tour: Week 11.
  • 🏟️ Stadium: Bramal Lane.
  • 🎤 Re-election: Khaled Al-Hadi.
  • 📺 Transport channels: BN Sport HD1 + HD2.
  • When: 16:15 (GMT + 2).
  • Date: Sunday (06-12-2020).
  • Result: Sheffield United 0-2 Leicester City.