Saturday , June 19 2021

The opera organizes three concerts to celebrate the birth of the Prophet

On the occasion of the birth of the Prophet, the Egyptian Opera House organizes three concerts in Cairo, Alexandria and Damanhour, performed by a religious band led by Maestro Ala Abdel Salam.

The first concert will take place at 20.00 on Sunday, November 18 at the Republic Theater, the second on Friday, November 23 at the Damanhour Opera House, and the third concert will be performed on Saturday Saturday, November 24.

The program includes a variety of famous songs and religious prayers that celebrate the Holy Prophet, which was composed by senior composers and written by great poets, including "No God except Allah Muhammad, Messenger of Allah to Jamal Salama, Prophet's birthday to Mr. Makkawi, be with God for Rashid Ghulam, Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah, peace be upon him, Al-Hadi Abbas Al-Deeb, the love of the prophet Mohammed Al-Kahlawi, Donia Sala Muhammad Kabila, the evening of Messenger of Allah to Ahmed Abdullah, the birth of Ahmed Ali Sheikh Mahmoud, Lord , pray (legacy), your voice Bilal Lamar Al-Sharaie, Sand, for the birth of Hadi Abdul Aziz Mohammed, the names of God the most beautiful of Mr. Makka Wei ".

The festival stars are Ashraf Zidan, Ahmed Nafie, Hossam Saleh, Mohamed Hussein, Mohamed Abdel Tawab, Taha Hussein, Ibrahim Farouk, Hatem Zayed, Mohamed Abdel Hamid, Basm Abdel Wahab, Tamer Nagah and Hossam Saqr.

The religious group was founded by the late musician Abdel Halim Noireh in 1972. The first concert took place in 1973 and aimed to preserve the heritage of religious music from extinction and to present its audience in a modern and sophisticated way. It is the most important group in Egypt, presenting traditional and contemporary works and religious melodies, Promising young woman and trained to perform religious songs and songs.

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