Monday , June 21 2021

The Minister for Youth announces the award of the Charity Marathon to Zayed to support the Luxor hospital

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Dr Ashraf Subhi, Minister of Youth and Sports, visited the Orman Healing Hospital on Sunday for free oncology in Luxor, supporting a government of charitable hospitals offering free services to cancer patients in southern Egypt and to identify hospital facilities and equipment and medical services to treat patients. Cancer inside.

This followed the arrival of the minister in the province of Luxor and before going to the province of Qena in the company of General Abdul Hamid Al-Hajan, governor Qeny, general Imad Abu Al-Azim, general secretary of Luxor, and director of the hospital Dr. Hany & # 39; Hussein, and Inspection of the Minister of Patient and Radiology and Laboratories Department at the Orman Treatment Hospital, The third part of the hospital project is being implemented.

The Minister of Youth and Sport revealed that the proceeds from the Zayed Mercy Marathon, which will be organized in the coming period in cooperation between the Ministry and the United Arab Emirates, will be used to support the Orman healing hospital, praising the Orman Healing Hospital, which is a treatment center that provides many services medical citizens of Upper Egypt and cancer treatment Free, pointing to joint efforts of the state in favor of this magnificent edifice.

The hospital managers accompanied the minister during a follow-up visit to patients in Upper Egypt for free treatment as part of one-day treatment, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, hospitalization, intensive care and surgery, fully equipped with support and donations from benefactors from all over Egypt.

He was also informed about the details of the work in the third stage of the hospital, which is under construction, which is located on an area of ​​28 thousand square meters and includes five roles and began in June, which waits until the support is soon completed, so that the hospital become a medical complex to complete the march. A successful medical hospital that started just 3 years ago, as well as the absorption of a large number of patients in the governorates.

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