Wednesday , June 16 2021

The invention of a device for measuring blood sugar levels by means of light signals

Chinese research team led by Tianjin University professor, Xue Ke Xin, invented a new device for measuring blood sugar levels by means of light signals that will enable patients to monitor blood sugar levels without pain associated with acupuncture blood collection.

Professor Shin said today in a statement that the idea of ​​the device is based on the fact that the blood sugar level reaches its peak after eating food for an hour and returns to a normal level after two to three hours, and in this process a change in the level of sugar in the blood Absorbing through the skin and the reflection of light, where these light signals may reflect the level of sugar in the blood.

He added that the research team carried out many experiments to measure blood sugar without pain for twenty years, where he was able to apply high-tech technology to capture spectral signals from multiple locations and process differential and other data to overcome the disruption factors fluctuations in body temperature and sweat, Accurate measurement results, indicating that the team obtained two types of patents in China and the United States.

The device was able to monitor the change in blood sugar for two hours and three hours after eating.

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