Wednesday , January 27 2021

The causes of joint stiffness vary between the elderly and the young

A new study by the Shibura Institute of Technology in Japan has found that the causes of ankle stiffness vary between older and younger people, as scientists have found that nerve stiffness affects the flexibility of the ankle joint in the elderly, but this cause varies in young people. and muscle stiffness is also the cause as people get older Joints become less flexible, causing balance problems that reduce the quality of life.


According to the News Medical website, muscle stiffness, not nerve, is related to the range of motion of the ankle in younger adults, while nerve stiffness is only related to the ankle in the elderly. In other words, non-muscular tissue becomes more important. for joint flexibility with age.


The physical condition of a person in their twenties can be very different from that of a person in their fifties. Of course, health care should be targeted differently, depending on different age groups and older people are more likely to fall and injure themselves because their joints are less flexible than young people to reduce these risks and improve Quality. of life in the elderly, it is important to introduce measures to improve physical abilities.

In younger teens, long-term research shows that skeletal muscle stiffness is a major feature that affects reading-only memory, but muscles naturally decrease in size (in a process called atrophy) with age.

To find out, Dr. Kosuke Hirata, Mr. Ryosuke Yamadera and Professor Ryota Akagi, a team of researchers from the Shibura Institute of Technology (SIT) In Saitama, Japan, measurement of ankle motility in a group of young adults (about 20 years) and the elderly (about 70 years).


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