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Soon .. طرح بنزين 87 .. and the new law of mineral wealth

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Coming soon .. Gasoline 87 .. and the new law of mineral wealth on the part of Masress, on Sunday, November 18, 2018.

Soon .. طرح بنزين 87 .. and the new law of mineral wealth
The Minister of Oil reveals 5 files of the case that the ministry is facing

Mohamed Bahairy Posted in the delegation on 18 – 11 – 2018

The Ministry of Petroleum considers the introduction of a new gasoline of this type (87) and did not disclose the Engineer Tareq Mulli, Minister of Petroleum on the date of the adoption of this application, indicating that two companies from Egypt Petroleum and Cooperation will launch 95 special gas, from the beginning of December will be It is 90% Fuel that sells petrol 95, indicating that the trade name for this type of gasoline will be "Egypt Extra 95" and "Premium 95".
Al-Mulla announced at a press conference yesterday in the headquarters of the ministry
Important documents to be considered by the ministry, including the Arab International Conference on Mineral Resources and upcoming changes to the Act on mineral wealth, indicating that the changes will not affect the subject of the Office of Mineral Resources and its aim is to attract investors.
Oil Minister: the applicable law discourages investors, in particular the provisions of Act No. 198 of 2018.
However, Egypt was able to achieve concrete steps in the implementation of the extraction strategy in Egypt,
After issuing new amendments, we will announce an action plan.
He added: Since 2014, there are no new investments in mineral wealth, because it is limited only to quarries, noting that the mines are not going well, except for the sugar mines.
He continued: "The ministry realized the mistakes to know the position of the imbalance, until deconstruction of the contract." He added: "It is important that we do not want to promise the need for what we criticize." But the legal framework will be controlled, which will encourage Arab and foreign investors, stressing that "Dahaba" who seek gold in the south in the south, and the state is trying to introduce them into the legal system and embrace them. Do not flee abroad.

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