Thursday , June 24 2021

Saudi Arabia: Convening G20 Summit Confirms Kingdom Spokesperson for Arab World

The Saudi newspaper Al-Riyadh confirmed that holding the G20 summit in Riyadh is a task in itself for the whole world, but its significance is of a special nature to the Kingdom and to the Arabs in general, as it is the first such event to reflect the Kingdom the world as a large country with wide development and investment potential And diversified, and plays an important role in our modern world, in addition to becoming a spokesperson for the Arab world.

The newspaper stated – in its editorial today, Saturday, entitled “The Capital of Decision” – that the Kingdom, through its efforts to change the international equation, made the region a point of growth, prosperity and stability and lasting communication based on friendship and partnership with the greatest creators of global financial and economic policy, and has always been proactive. In strengthening cooperation with partners to achieve the goals of the Group of Twenty, to find consensus on economic issues and to create sustainable and balanced development, to raise the standard of living among the nations of the world

She said the G20 summit in Riyadh was convincing evidence of the importance of Saudi Arabia’s role, not in the Middle East but globally, as the Kingdom is a bridge between East and West for a vast world, especially in the future of the global economy, and is a strategic player in the stability and energy supply of the world. Which strengthened its role and global position, despite the fact that the Kingdom is the birthplace of revelation and the joy of the hearts of the people, and this is a source of pride not only for the Kingdom but also for the Arab and Islamic countries.

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