Monday , January 18 2021

Mohamed Ibrahim: I moved to the club “who bought me”

Mohamed Ibrahim, a former Egyptian player for El-Maxas and Zamalek, and a recent transfer to Ceramics Cleopatra, said the thinking and ambition of the club authorities was the motivation behind his move to the newly promoted Egyptian Premier League team. another challenge

Ibrahim joined the ranks of Ceramic Cleopatra in the current summer transfer window, after Al-Ahly and the Pyramids withdrew from joining him.

Speaking to the club’s official website, the former Zamalek player said: “I chose to join this entity after I was convinced of the ideas of the club officials and the negotiations between us did not last long.”

He added: “Every player chooses a place that suits him. My ambition was to move to a club that basically guarantees me participation, and I don’t care about anything else.”

He continued: “The most outstanding feature of Cleopatra Ceramics is seriousness, and my move to this club is another challenge. I do not like conflicts and I preferred to join the club (which bought me) and I hope to succeed with them.”

He went on to talk about Haitham Shaban, the team’s coach, saying: “A coach who loves football and all his work is focused on this work, and all his training is modern and diverse.

Regarding his personal goals and ambitions, he said: “I want to be number one in everything. I hope to do something special that suits the possibilities of the club “Ceramics Cleopatra”. Our goal is to be in a place that suits the team. The club signed contracts with a very prominent and highest level

The clearing player referred to the Egyptian national team and said: “I was very excited to be on the list of pharaohs in the last camp, but I will look for all the forces to be present in the coming period.”

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