Thursday , October 21 2021

"Judgment Day" wins the Silver Tanit prize at the Film Festival in Carthage


The Carthaginian Film Festival continues on 29. Egypt won the second prize at the festival after the jury admitted that "Judgment Day" won the Silver Tanit Award as the best feature film.

In the short film competition, director Shamkh Bousalama received the special award Tunisian Tanit Bronze Award for the short film Tunisian director Nidal Djaja, who won the silver Tanit award for the short film Mari Clementine from Rwanda, and Golden Tantit won the Tunisian film "Brethren" Maryam Goober.

The film "Sufiya" received a special mention, especially "Makila" from the Congo, which won the award for the best Kenyan film "Rafiki", which won the best screenplay for "Subamodo" The movie "Wanderers of War" directed by Good Said won the best prize actress for the film "Rafiki" by Samonta Mugasia.

The star received an award for the best actor Ahmed Al-Hafian for "Fatwa" and won the Bronze Tanit Award for longtime director of feature films Jod & Saeed for "War Journeys."

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