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How to put Giza's safety as "Aswan Line" and cut


Saturday June 1, 2019

Books – Mohamed Shaaban:

A prolonged escape, which two brothers thought would be confiscated in several cases, thought their fall into the hands of the police was unlikely, especially their departure from their hometown.

"Like God", he is unemployed, does not exceed 26 years of age, his reputation in Aswan became known as the "line" after he and his older brother, Abdul Rahman, formed a gangster and were known as "Dynasties of Death." They were involved in incidents that ranged from murder to arson, coercion, threats and extortion.

Over time, the two brothers were persecuted by the police, but they constantly changed their places of life that prevented them from falling, despite the numerous missions they were directing.

Three months ago, the "duo of death" left Aswan and settled in a rented apartment in the center of Osim, just north of Giza province, to escape the search and to chase the security forces that did not stop to defeat them.

After being the head of the police investigative unit, police officer Magdie Musa detonated sources of confidential information and worked to gather information about the clock to fulfill the directives of Major General Reza Al-Amda, director of Giza Investigini, to impose security control and to answer the law.

Detectives from the secret information responded that two very dangerous elements were hiding in an apartment in the district of Bashtal. The head of the investigation did not hesitate to inform Major General Mohamed Abdel Tawab, deputy director of the investigation, who directed the formation of a research team led by Brigadier General Amr Talat, the head of the northern sector.

The research plan focused on intensifying the investigation of the defendant and their activities. The efforts of Colonel Mohamed Irfan, Sector Inspector and representative of the sector, a representative of the Harhash, confirmed they had fled the Aswan police and seized 16 different cases against them.

An extended meeting was held by one of the leaders of the Directorate, to finalize the mission to control both elements. The hour of zero was set at dawn, and the mission of the hide was aimed at the defendant with the participation of Major Walid Kamal.

The element of surprise had a magical effect on controlling the "line" and his brother, who were surprised by the police in the apartment where they lived. They were caught with stolen quantity and amount of ammunition.

Major General Ala Salim, Director of the Public Security Department and representatives of the Aswan Security Directorate and Major General Mustafa Shehata, an Assistant Minister of Interior for Giza security, informed the Public Prosecutor that the defendants are kept for 4 days pending investigation.

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