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How to keep skin from skin cancer? .. Types and methods of prevention

There are many types of cancer cells and tumors that can infect the human body, and one of the most difficult forms of these cancers is skin cancer, which occurs in the form of abnormal growth in skin cells, for no reason why Pena is spread, most likely due to constant exposure to the sun Harmful, weak human immune system, and sometimes even infects sites not exposed to sunlight from the body.

Skin cancer

Skin cancer

Location «Mayoclinic», The presence of three major types of skin cancer has been reported «Voice of the nation»In the following lines:

Basic cells

This type of cancer occurs in areas exposed to sunlight, such as the face, hands and neck, and occurs in the form of pear or wax color or a skin-colored or brown-colored scar.

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Scrotal cells

In this case, it can increase the likelihood of infection of people with dark complexion and black and appears in areas that are not exposed to sunlight from the body more than the constantly exposed.

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Melanoma can develop anywhere in the body, but often around the face or lower body of women who have dark complexion, melanoma appears in the hands, soles of the feet or under nails. Finger or toenail.

The risk of skin cancer can be reduced by reducing exposure to UV rays or by avoiding them altogether. Skin testing helps detect suspicious changes in the early stages of skin cancer. Early detection of melanoma gives a better chance of effective treatment.

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