Sunday , January 17 2021

Hamo Beka, after a month of permissibility: He laughs at me … Omar Kamal advises: “Stay a while”.

Festival singer Omar Kamal shared his fans with a comic video he collected with Hamo Beka, comparing his opinion after the first day of marriage and a month after his marriage, through his Instagram account, which during the two times he changed his mind, so on the first day he said: “The passport is like honey A, the sweetest thing is to go meet a new bite and meet someone who beats you and respond to someone who supports you”, but his mind changed after one month, saying: “I laugh at me … and you will not be fat, and you will be a little, Omar. “You are such a power of your time.”

Beka and Omar Kamal
Beka and Omar Kamal

The singer of the festival, Hamo Beka, shared his followers through his Instagram profile with a new photo that he brought together with the singer Omar Kamal and wrote on the picture, saying: “Autumn in the new series” and did not reveal other details about the series..

Festival singer Hamo Beka apologized to his fans via his Instagram account, after he got angry that he was wearing a “T-shirt” printed with an external sign, in addition to the phrase “We are Gadaan, and you are not.” Instagram, yesterday, I did not think of it as a last resort, and the T-shirt came from a year as a gift and was conceived with it before. I love you my sisters.

And the Bekaa audience tried to draw attention to what the “T-shirt” contained, but he did not answer his audience’s questions, as Ahmed wrote: “What made his circumstances, oh, Bekaa, talk about what?” “Uh, what shit are you wearing, that’s why no celebrity would do that.”

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