Monday , June 14 2021

Guest participates in "Tallinn Black Nights" .. And the beautiful Awad tomorrow flies to Estonia (Photos)

Star Jamila Adel will travel to Estonia tomorrow, in preparation for her participation in the festival
Tallinn»Film, after his participation yesterday at the festival
Cairo International.

Actress Jamila Adele Awad announced the participation of her film "guest" at the festival "Tallinn Black Night Film Festival – Festival
Cinema Tallinn Black Knight », to win its first world premiere there.

They were organizers of the 40th session of the International Film Festival in Cairo
Headed by producer Mohamed Hafizi, they rejected the choice of "guest" for participating in the competition
At the festival, due to the participation of the Festival "

"Guest" events revolve around a young man who visits a family during dinner, and then develops
Events in a direction that is not expected from one of them, and featuring the movie Khaled Al-Sovi and Jamila Awad
Ahmed Malik and Shireen Reda, while Majid Al Kadwani and Mohamed Mamadouh participate as honorary guests.

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