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Gazeta Al-Bashayer Hamo Pekka attacks music games: Money from Btakhdoa from me Les as long as we do not recognize Pia


Hamo Pekka attacks music games: take money from me until they recognize Pia

Tuesday November 13, 2018 6:19:00 AM – Readers 1

Hamo Pekka attacks music games: take money from me until they recognize Pia

The popular vocalist Mohammed Mahmoud, known as "Hamo Beka", was the subject of widespread controversy among the public.

The syndicate of musical professions, led by the artist Hani Shaker, opposed the popular singer Hamo Bekaa, and also that he does not believe in the appearance of this kind of art that destroys Egyptian culture.

On the other hand, Yasser Abu Jika, director of the 90-minute phone call of vocalist Hamo Pekka, said that before the concert he pays the full fee for musical profession. "Pendaf al-Alf, al-Feen and three other people do not recognize Bina Azai," he said.

During the presentation of the program "90 minutes", broadcast via the "axis", several clips showing musical connections to collect fees for participation in concerts of the popular singer "Hamo Pika", the last annulment of his last party alleging the existence of some cases of harassment, whose manager confirmed that the reason for canceling the ceremony is the lack of sufficient insurance for the cancellation of the ceremony.

Many people now admit a sharp attack on the popular vocalist Hamo Pekka, and conflicting musical positions that underline some opinion on the other hand collect party fees.

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