Friday , October 22 2021

For the first time … President Yasmin cooperates with Mohammed Imam in "Bagdy's Thief"


Mohammed Adel Imam achieved great success at the cinema level, leading him to the chancellery in various seasons, and produced many films that have gained admiration from viewers such as "Inferno in India" and "Night here and pleasure".

"Bagdad Thief" is the name of the film that is currently being prepared by Mohammed Imam, where the artist Yasmin was elected president for participating in the film.

"Yasmin is the president, one of the most important and influential actors of our generation," wrote Mohammed Imam through his account on Instagram. "Hathofouha plays a different role than all thick, we spent some time with a thief in Baghdad."

Yasmine Nasa is preparing for the first dramatic drama in Ramadan 2019 with her husband, director Hadi Al-Bagouri, through a television series that will be presented next season, and her latest work is: "I am a famous traitor."

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