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Echo country: The price of gold today 6-12-2020

The price of gold in Egypt stabilized at the beginning of today’s trading, Sunday, 06.12.2020; After the yellow metal was raised yesterday, Saturday, in jewelry stores, an average of фу 2 was given to all goldsmiths in jewelry stores
The price of one gram of 18 carats at the end of the deals was around 685 pounds.

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The price of the 21-month-old caliber in circulation was around 99 799 per gram.

The price of one gram of 24 carats was the highest price, and a denomination of about 913 pounds.

The price of one gram of the lowest value of 14 carats reached 531 and 533 pounds.

The price of a pound of gold was about 6392 pounds, and an ounce of gold was about 28.4 thousand pounds, and a kilogram of gold was about 913,143 thousand pounds.

The price of gold in Egypt varies depending on the workmanship, as the value of the workmanship varies from one jeweler to another, and the average price of workmanship and the stamp in jewelry stores ranges between 30 and 65 pounds depending on the type of gold caliber and different jewelry stores and from one governor to another and from one dealer to another.

The production of the total price of gold is a percentage that ranges between 7% and approximately 10% of the price of one gram of gold. The higher the percentage of minerals present, the lower the carat. The ounce weighing 31.1 grams is used as a unit for the weight of jewelry and gold bars.

Ihab Wasef, head of the gold department of the Association of Chambers of Commerce, commented that gold prices are linked to each other, and if there is an impact on gold prices in any country, it has an impact on other countries.

Wasef, in his statements for him, added that the crisis with Coronavirus has an impact on the economic conditions as a whole, and there is a slowdown, and that has affected the prices of gold.

He pointed out that the Corona virus has caused gold prices to rise as many people resort to acquiring gold in times of crisis.

He pointed out that Corona’s impact on gold prices will end or stabilize in a year and a half, not soon, as a result of the continued impact on the economy and the length of the expected recovery and return to work in the previous era in various sectors.

He continued that gold is a safe haven for everyone, and the easiest investment is in cash compared to cars and real estate, because gold does not decrease much and is easily sold, so we recommend that you buy gold in times of crisis in general and in this period. especially.

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