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Dollar on Tuesday 01.10.2019 in Egyptian banks and parallel market

We offer you our website on Tuesday 01.10.2019 in Egyptian banks and the parallel market, due to the interest of many individuals to follow the exchange rates every day, following the decision of the Central Bank to float the Egyptian Pound, which resulted in a significant increase in exchange rate, Millions of people in Egypt follow the prices of the green world as they are in a state of great and low volatility in the current period.

The dollar today

Dollar prices are falling today as the green currency averaged between 16.33 Egyptian pounds to buy up to 16.35 Egyptian pounds for sale, in most banks prices rise or fall from one bank to another depending on the state of the bid and demand against the Egyptian pound, but the difference does not exceed the brewers Simple, final prices today came as follows:

BankPurchase priceSale priceLast move by
National Bank of Greece16.2516.353 hours
Bank for Housing and Development16.2416.34One day
Bank Audi16.2316.3315 hours
Bank Mashrek16.2316.339 hours
National Bank of Egypt16.2316.33One day
Bank of Egypt16.2316.33One day
Bank Al Baraka16.2316.3312 hours
Suez Canal Bank16.2316.33One day
Bank for Industrial Development16.2316.33One day
Bank of Development of Iran16.2216.3215 hours
National Bank of Kuwait16.2216.325 hours
Egyptian Arab country16.2216.32One day
Bank of the Gulf of Egypt16.2216.32One day
HSBC16.2216.3210 hours
Bloom Bank16.2216.32One day
Arab International Banking Company16.2216.3210 hours
National Bank of Kuwait (Piraeus)16.2216.32One day
Credit Agricole16.2216.32One day
Arab African International Bank16.2216.32One day
Bank of Alexandria16.2116.31One day
Export Development Bank of Egypt16.2116.3116 hours
Arab International Bank16.2116.3114 hours
Commercial International Bank (FIB)16.2116.31One day
United Bank16.2116.3113 hours
Central Bank of Egypt16.2116.349 hours

On the basis of bottom prices, the dollar recorded the highest value in the National Bank of Greece for 16.25 pounds for Egyptian, while the lowest value for the Arab International Bank was 16.31 pounds.

Dollar price in the parallel market

The parallel market is no longer present in those days, after the central bank managed to directly reduce the cases of accidental buying and selling of foreign currency in banks, and after the difference in prices did not exceed five pivots, today came at 4.35 pm Egyptian pounds to buy against EGP 16.39 for sale.

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