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Diet helps you recover from the flu

Influenza is a common disease in the winter season, and a healthy diet can strengthen your immune system, maybe a little chicken broth and hot tea are just what you need to overcome the virus when you have the flu, in this report we learn about a diet that helps to recover when you have the flu, according to the website of the American clinic “Cliffend”.


Immunologist Cassandra Calabrese said that a proper diet can help prevent disease and recover faster if you have the flu, and diet is important when you have the flu, but a healthy diet strengthens your immune system because a strong immune system can prevent disease and help you recover quickly.

Dr Calabrese added: “There is no doubt that eating a healthy diet improves your immunity to disease. … What you put in your body is important for overall health, including immunity.”

Because your body’s immune system protects itself from intruders such as the flu, it is good to eat well because your body needs nutritious food when you are sick.

Fluids first

Drinking more fluids when you are sick is one of the best tips, because your body needs more water when you have the flu or any illness that causes fever.

Dr Calabrese said: “Your body needs hydration more than any specific food when fighting disease. Stay hydrated. Stay hydrated. You can also drink stews and herbal teas. But do not drink caffeinated beverages like which are coffee or soda “.

Follow an anti-inflammatory diet

When the body suffers from severe inflammation, the immune system suffers, so reduce the inflammation and help the immune system by changing the type of fat you eat.

Reduce saturated fat

Saturated fats cause inflammation, so limit your intake now – before you get sick, including:

Baked products, such as muffins

Whole fat dairy products, including cream, cheese and butter.

Palm oil.

red meat

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Avoid trans fats

Eliminate trans fats from your diet. They are bad for your heart and cause inflammation. Avoid foods that contain “partially hydrogenated” oils. Food manufacturers can claim this if the product contains 0.5 grams of trans fat per serving.

Many food manufacturers have eliminated trans fats from their products, but some packaged pastries still contain them, such as:





Excess omega-3 fats

Eat more omega-3 fats to keep your immune system in good shape. Fatty fish is a good source of these anti-inflammatory fats, so consider eating:




Some plant foods also contain omega-3:

-canola oil.

chia seeds

Ground flaxseed or flaxseed oil.

-pumpkin seeds.


Mediterranean diet

One diet stands out as a booster of immunity The Mediterranean diet refers to the traditional diets of people living near the Mediterranean Eating a Mediterranean diet means having a lot:

Fruit and vegetables.

Lean protein, such as fish and poultry.


Nuts and seeds

-olive oil.

All grains.

Limit or skip this food:

Processed meat as a sauce.

red meat

Sugar and sweets

Processed, fried and fast food.

White or refined bread and cereals.

It may seem difficult to make big changes to your diet, but you do not have to fix everything right away. Gradually start making changes to your diet.

Switch to wholemeal bread and eat fruit for dessert.

You can replace red and processed meat with fish and lean chicken, and instead of whole milk, try skim milk.

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