Thursday , October 21 2021

Deputy Governor of Cairo: cleansing the flood in preparation for the rain


Major General Ahmed Fouad, deputy governor of Cairo in the southern region, instructed the heads of the districts to take all necessary steps and to increase the readiness of the rooms to act in the neighborhood to meet the rainy season and floods, and follow the Meteorological Authorities.

The deputy governor of Cairo stated in a statement that the availability of chargers and suction carts and periodic traffic on sewage basins and the establishment of signs was confirmed.

Deputy Governor said that in the southern region there are 4 hoists for flooding in Helwan, where the waste was removed, and the garbage were placed in the first place in Kafr El Alou. In the tunnel, the concrete and earth parts were cleaned, in May the old road was changed, because she was inhabited. The Tigris Valley to the motorway, underlining the immediate agreement with any development in coordination with the purity of Cairo and the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation.

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