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Creative chaos and the Arab world (3)

The Arab world is in the heart of Asia and Africa, in close proximity to Europe and relatively close to America and Australia and overlooking the most important international corridors such as the Suez Canal, which links Bahrain to Bab al-Mandab to the Straits Strait and Strait. Gibraltar.

In terms of position, the Arab world is comprised of 22 countries on a land surface of about 14 million kilometers as a corridor in the Arab world, taking second place after Russia in the area, and then having an area of ​​great importance giving it freedom to movement and many other advantages.

It is enough here to explain the importance of this area compared to the enemy, who lives in a very limited area, which does not even allow him to freely use weapons, and the Arab world has agricultural land and various natural resources, enabling him to achieve self-sufficiency and foreign exports, and produces 25% of global oil production, and this holds the Position of its territory on 65% of the world's oil reserves, about one-third of its gasoline reserves, and a population of 412 million, and comes in third after China.India, noting that these people are descendants of ancient civilizations, from the landing of the heavenly religions, and the source of civilizations of ancient Egypt and civilization Arr GDP is almost 3 trillion dollars and an army nearly three million..

All of the above is just a simplified idea of ​​the opportunities and wealth of the Arab world, which, if managed well, would have an excellent place among the world powers, especially since the factors of unity and integration among all its countries are much stronger than those of the EU countries. , for example, or even people from the United States, which includes nationalities and languages. Any objective comparison between the factors of unity and integration between citizens of the Arab world and other citizens of America or the European Union after tells that they have more history, language, culture and interests than any other grouping. , All of the above was a homeland and will still be and will continue to be the target of chaos and international conflicts over its resources and potential..

Hamdan tells Egypt that he enjoys an important strategic position for the world, and a rich position, making him always focused on all the forces surrounding them, based on geography, and therefore Egyptian history confirms that there are only two ways: either expanding and going out from its borders to form a defensive empire, or retreat and latency I believe, as Hamdan said about Egypt, to a large extent for our Arab homeland, or a unit and great powers that all respect and fear, or the pleasure of the colony, and that means either being active and influential in those around us Or be it hence the importance of studying the factors of weakness in our homeland to work to get rid of them, and to eliminate all forms of disagreement and problems , let's face plots of chaos, and thus let everyone strive to study and discuss these problems, and how to face them; because time is not in our favor All plots increase in quantity and intensity and I think the starting point for dealing with chaos, which means the absence of a leader, is Egypt's return to leadership, not with words or wishes, but with words. abilities and giving, and naturally it requires a lot of time and effort, and the beginning of this does not mean a comprehensive Arab unity, but I have at least an Arab Union like the European Union or the Gulf Cooperation Council or the like, to unite common attitudes and interests, and Egypt's leadership is not honored t or merit; because Egypt's leadership is derived from deep geographical and historical facts, not fanaticism, Egypt is the link between Arab Asia and Arab Africa, which is the Capital of the Arabs representing about 25% of the population of our homeland, and at least 50% of our homeland. the Arab soft power of scientists, thinkers and artists..

He stood up for creative chaos projects that sought to divide Lebanon and impose Kamil Hamun, then against Abdul Karim Qassim's threat to invade Kuwait, against Shah's ambitions against Iraq and Turkish ambitions in Syria, and unfortunately after withdrawal Camp David and Egypt's leadership, all of these plots were successfully re-executed. During Egypt's rule, the Turkish and Iranian roles were limited and minor.

We all suffer as Arabs now from the dangers and ambitions of Iran and Turkey in our homeland, and the only solution to diminishing Iran and Turkey is to restore Egypt's leadership role, it is in the interest of Egypt and the Arabs; because, as Hamdan says, the three Eastern superpowers based on geography, history, and population, namely Egypt, Iran, and Turkey, and the decline of the role and the power of which is in the interest of the other two..

This is the starting point for dealing with the creative chaos in our homeland. As Milad Jana says, Egypt is the backbone of the Arab tent. The most important of which is sectarian strife, which is the weak point through which they have managed to tear Iraq, Syria and Yemen together, and there are problems with democracy, poverty and others, which of course differs relatively from Qatar to another.

And other problems and let's talk about the rest.

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