Sunday , October 24 2021

Consider adding an "Edit" button to fix spelling mistakes in your tweets


For the first time since the end of 2016, Jack Dorsey, Twitter's chief executive, highlighted the company's ideas to create an "edit" button for Twitter. Dorsey referred to the event during an event in New Delhi, India. The company should carefully consider using the customization button before it becomes a fact – and there is probably a tool that will help you correct your spelling mistakes.

"Look at the use of the edit button," said Dorsey. "Many people want the edit button because they want to fix the mistake they made quickly, e.g. Spelling mistakes or tweets at the wrong URL, and it's more achievable than let people overclock all tweets."

Dorsey added that it would be best if Twitter prevented unlimited editing because anyone could abuse this feature to change its controversial content or any previous tweets.

"We've been researching it for some time and we have to do it right, we can not hurry," he said. "We can not do anything that bothers you, note or take anything from the public register."

Many users have been asking for a match button for some time, so Kim Kardashian recently intervened and asked Dorsey to talk about it at the birthday party of her husband, Kanye West. Also in 2016, Dorsey said the company "thought a lot". "Button to edit tweets, but nothing has been achieved.

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