Wednesday , June 16 2021

Collective fall of the stock exchange indices by closing the transactions

The Egyptian Stock Exchange closed the session Monday with a collective drop in all indicators, fueled by sales pressure from Arab and foreign dealers, while market capitalization rose by 8.1 billion pounds to close to 799.577 billion pounds.

The trading volume of the shares was 284 million securities worth 996 million pounds, through the implementation of 29.5 thousand transactions for 176 companies, the Egyptians accounted for 71.2% of total transactions, while non-Arab foreigners participated with 15, 56%, and the Arabs with 13.24% Today, the institutions participated with 35.16% of the stock exchange transactions. The remaining transactions were for individuals at 64.83%.

The net transactions of Arab and foreign institutions for sale amounted to 60.3 million EGP, 67.3 million EEA. The net transactions of Egyptian, Arab, foreign and Egyptian companies were purchased at 48.4 million EGP, 18.3 million EGP, EGP 1.2 million and EGP 59.7 million, respectively.

The EGX 30 index has gone 0.45% and closes with 13,906 points. The EGX 50 index increased by 0.45% and closed with 2235 points, while the EGX20 index fell by 0.49% to 13693 points.

The index of small and medium-sized enterprises "EGX70" decreased by 1.33% to 689 points, and the "EGX" index by 1.11% to close with 1733 points, and the index on the Neele Exchange by 0.63% for to reach the level of 476 points.

Shares of 80 listed companies were closed at the end of trading, fell to 65 companies and remained unchanged levels of 31 companies.

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