Sunday , January 17 2021

Biotechnology researcher warns Egyptians about Corona genetic mutations: Follow these guidelines

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Dr Noha Misbach, deputy director of the Suez Canal University’s Institute of Biotechnology, warned of genetic mutations in the Corona virus and its impact on humans in the next phase in light of the second wave of the virus.

In an exclusive statement to Al-Masri Al-Yum, on the sidelines of a conference on biotechnology to combat corona at the University of the Suez Canal on Thursday, she said Egyptians should distance themselves as much as possible, wear a mask and avoid crowds and gatherings because the virus is not transmitted through the air, but from one person to another close to it.

Egyptian researcher attributes the lack of infection in some countries in Africa, and even in people, whether older or younger, compared to others of the same age and circumstance to the viral load to which they are exposed, what is the intensity of the virus , pointing out that the intensity of exposure to the virus is the main cause of infection and death, as evidenced by the occurrence of deaths in medical staff, she said. She said that genetic differences specific to each person contribute to the prevention and protection of the virus.

For his part, researcher Dr. Aber Shalabi, a professor and vice dean at the Institute of Technology, confirmed that there is a lot of research focusing on studying the nature of the human genome and the virus in order to achieve work to protect humans from the virus. in humans and building immunity to repel the virus, and she described this research as a major challenge for him. Scientists must follow precautions to decipher the mystery and codes of the virus genome, and that it does not take long to achieve.

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