Tuesday , January 26 2021

Behind the scenes of the song Ya Bakhtah .. Hani Shaker and Ahmed Saad in a state of hysterical laughter .. Video

Video clips of artists Ahmed Saad and Hani Shaker spread on social media as they kept laughing while recording the song Ya Bakhta

And the head of the Musicians’ Union, artist Hani Shaker, singer Ahmed Saad, took part in a duet that is considered the first collaboration between them entitled Ya Bakhtah

And, both appeared during the filming of the video, which was shared by the pioneers on social networks, talking about the details of their participation in the new duet, while they were in constant laughter.

Ahmed Saad said on the video: I just want to tell you something because Professor Hani is very polite, so he always says kind words. He said I wanted to sing with him. This is not the truth.

Can I understand what and what? !!

Posted by Fares Hertz on Tuesday, November 24, 2020

He added: “I told him this because he knows I’m not lying right now. I told him to tell you what the Arab world will take with me, it will take me with you, it will remain my religion to all the people who love you, God willing, you will take me with you and build there and I will return to you .

And Saad continued: I sold him many things, all the things I sold him in life, I sold you the things in my life, I sold him everything I owned.

Artist Hani Shaker interrupted him, saying: I thought you were polite.

He also said sarcastically: “From the very beginning, I really told Ahmed that it means that we work together, he or she either sings to each other, or makes me a melody that I sing, so he first sold me more than something.” Plane.

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